The perfect combination for a unique vacation

Welcome to Case Li Conchi, a charming village nestled in the lush nature and among the majestic granite rocks of southern Sardinia.
Just a few kilometers away, the beautiful beach of Cala Sinzias adds a touch of magic to your vacation.
With its 44 elegant residences, this village offers a unique holiday experience. Each house, with its unique and harmonious features, contributes to creating a friendly and intimate atmosphere.
The large central pool is the ideal meeting point for both adults and children, while the greenery of nature blends with the azure sky and sea view, offering you a breathtaking panorama. Discover the magic of Li Conchi, where every detail is designed to make your vacation unforgettable.


In the heart of Sardinia

Nestled in the southeastern region of Sardinia, a mere 2 km from the stunning Cala Sinzias beach and in close proximity to the Sette Fratelli Park, lies the picturesque Village Li Conchi.
Here, the captivating architecture seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature, creating a harmonious blend of lush greenery and majestic granite formations.
Guests are welcomed to indulge in the village's expansive swimming pool, complete with a designated area for children, offering the perfect spot to unwind and bask in the Mediterranean climate.
Embark on a dreamy getaway immersed in the untouched landscapes of Sardinia, where relaxation, entertainment, sports, and all you desire for an unforgettable stay await at Village Li Conchi.
Conveniently located just an hour's drive from Cagliari Elmas Airport, accessibility is assured for those seeking an authentic experience on the enchanting island of Sardinia.


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Li Conchi Houses


Born from a dream of living completely immersed in the nature of Sardinia near the wonderful beaches, our village offers a unique holiday experience, and houses that allow you to live the splendid island in tranquility and comfort.

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